Vapor Intrusion Investigations

When certain contaminants are released to the subsurface, they can form vapor phase plumes that sometimes accumulate below or in structures and create unhealthy risks to occupants. Roberts has been involved with vapor intrusion (“VI”) activities for nearly a decade and has developed innovative screening techniques and sampling methodologies. Vapor intrusion investigations performed by Roberts have included project work plans/reports reviewed and approved by various state agencies involving chlorinated volatile organic compounds and other target analytes in the subsurface. These investigations have included a variety of sampling methods at both residential and commercial/industrial properties, including:

  • Soil Gas (exterior)
  • Sub-Slab Soil Gas
  • Indoor Air
  • Background Ambient Air
  • Utility Corridor/Preferential Pathway VI Sampling
  • Near-Structure Ground Water Sampling.

Roberts’ experienced staff, in-house VI sampling equipment/supplies, and working knowledge of EPA and state-specific VI guidelines and requirements along with our network of laboratories and mitigation subcontractors allows us to assist you with all your vapor intrusion investigation needs.